Building Restoration Services

AFS Engineering believes in the value of restoring old properties in the hope of bringing them back to their original glory. It is important to protect and preserve our historical properties to ensure their original beauty can be admired for the future. There are many factors that contribute to the deterioration of properties like weather, corrosion, deterioration, age, and poor construction. AFS will help to restore your project utilizing structural strengthening and reinforcement. We are committed to retaining the original beauty of your project and ensuring that the design and construction process respect the overall restoration process.

Often a restoration may be needed to comply with new building codes or industry standards, AFS Engineering specializes in upgrading structures to comply with strict codes while retaining the property aesthetic to preserve its natural beauty. We ensure that you will be confident that our restoration process will produce a more stable structure that will endure the test of time.

Our restoration process is very structured and meticulous to ensure that the entire build process from design to completion is met with integrity and respect for the overall design and project commitment. AFS takes a very active role during this process as we initially investigate your structure to identify the root source of the deterioration. We then create a comprehensive design plan to address the root cause and provide a long-term resolution. Your project is very important to us and we ensure that we will provide a competent and affordable plan that respects your property’s historical importance while making sure the property conforms to today’s standards

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Structural Restoration

Structural Restoration is an integral part of a building’s restoration. A property may deteriorate for many reasons and the key is to identify those and rectify them in the most efficient way possible. AFS Engineering offers structural restoration solutions that will address these concerns and provide the best design options possible to ensure that the problem is resolved and structurally sound for many years to come.

There are many ways this is accomplished. Depending on your project’s needs, we may suggest replacement or augmenting deteriorated structural elements, upgrading, replacing, or strengthening portions of your property, and identifying better materials that may produce longer-lasting results. Our overall goal is to ensure that your restoration project is completed using the right materials that will produce a lasting and structurally sound solution.

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